From a bad accident with an idea for the social.
In January of 2010 my son Michael had a serious car accident. After being operated on his left thigh, he remained for two months immobilized in a hospital bed.

In the first week the family support was day and night, but in the second week, when conditions began to improve, the assistance was just daylight.

Unfortunately the night staff could not do enough every time my son called to be quenched, and after two days of heartbreaking requests from him, I had an idea flash.

I worked in my workshop that evening and created a rudimentary prototype and took it around midnight to the hospital to my son.

Michele Nodari
Kit Aquamike completo
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AQUAMIKE is an aid for drinking
It helps you to drink if you can not use – or can not use well – hands.
Ideal when
  • you are bedridden: It helps to drink lying down without sitting.
  • you are elderly or disabled and have limited mobility
  • you had an accident or a stroke and are in rehabilitation
  • you have arthritis, rheumatism, Parkinson’s, muscular dystrophy, quadriplegia
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Drink independently
AQUAMIKE is an aid that allows you to drink at any time, without requiring the intervention of health workers or family members.
Improve your water balance
You decide the extent of your sips. Drinking autonomously you tend to drink more water, improving your water balance.
Relieves those around you
No need to ask for help whenever you are thirsty. You must not wait any longer – especially at night or when the people who are close to you are engaged.
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How does AQUAMIKE work?
A family member or nurse may put a bottle of any make up to a liter and a half, in support of AQUAMIKE. Furthermore, the graduated bottle, can be filled (as well as with water) with any other hot or cold drink. Then when you are thirsty, put the silicone valve between the lips and with the pressure of the teeth open. With a light suction, then the drink will reach your mouth. When you stop sucking the valve closes thus avoiding to take too much liquid. The spout anti drops also prevents spills.
Where can I use AQUAMIKE?
AQUAMIKE can be used at home, in hospital, in other care centers or bringing it with you. It applies for example to the bed, to a wheelchair or to a rod.
And if I can not use my hands at all?

You can use the spinal arch kit option. It’s a AQUAMIKE model designed specifically for people who can not use their hands or arms. Click here to watch it.

Aquamike montato su sedia a rotelle
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Can I clean it?
It’s very easy to clean and the bottle can be put in the dishwasher. It is advisable to change tubes every 7-8 days.
Made in Italy
AQUAMIKE is designed and manufactured 100% in Italy with top quality materials and has been named “Social product 2013”.
Here is a short explanatory video
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Medico Playmobil
AQUAMIKE at the hospital
  • Less calls to give water to patients, you’ll save an hour a day per patient
  • Increase the hygiene:
    • less exchange of glasses between neighboring beds
    • less exchange of glasses of drinks and medicines
    • less glasses resting for hours on the bedside tables, less germs and viruses
    • less glasses upside and less trade in wet sheets and pajamas
  • Fewer patients who tear the IV trying to drink
  • Fewer patients falling out of bed trying to drink
  • Less plastic cups to be disposed of
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