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13 Jan 2023 | Uncategorised

Hi everyone, I’m Pierluca, I’ve worked for various areas in the health sector.
Unfortunately I have a disease that has immobilized me in bed and I am no longer able to travel. I can barely move my arms.

One of my many problems was being able to drink freely.

Until recently, in order to drink, I needed someone to bring me a bottle of water with a straw.

Now, finally, I have solved the problem thanks to this wonderful tool: AQUAMIKE ®.
I take the straw and I can drink freely without needing someone but a person to fill the bottle back here.

Its operation is very simple, even for those with poor motor skills. Take the straw, bring it to your mouth and suck it. In this way I definitely solved, at least this problem.

Thanks to AQUAMIKE ® I have completely solved my drinking problems, both during the day and at night.